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Data Picts is a truly collective database of the photographs taken and shared by Plan01’s ten partners. The goal is to show and create an accumulation of the office’s news.


Founded in 2002, PLAN.01 brings together 10 associates from the firms of Atelier du Pont, Ignacio Prego Architectures, Jean Bocabeille Architecte, Koz, and Philéas. The collective is a truly atypical ecosystem, and its richness lies in its abundance of ideas, a positive shared debate, and a practice that is constantly reinventing itself.


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PLAN.01 brings a truly “out of the box” spirit of experimentation and collective intelligence to specific and emblematic projects dealing with social issues, imaginary spaces, and the notions of ceremony and memory. Their projects are always singular and they avoid conformism and routine thinking.

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Stealth: The Historial de Vendée History Museum

An emblematic building in green and bronze that deconstructs monumentalism for the benefit of a sense of openness to the landscape. At once spectacular and discreet.

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Ceremony: the Rennes Municipal Crematorium

How does one talk about death while embracing life and the living? How does one design a building that is both spiritual and secular, and that blends into its surrounding landscape?

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Silence: the Franco-British Memorial at Thiepval

To listen to a site and its history, to evoke the unspeakable experiences of life in the trenches.

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PLAN.01 is a collective for architectural research with a variable geometry. Each project becomes an opportunity to explore different design methods between the different firms that form this collective around strong and powerful concepts.

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The history of this shared space has been evolving over the last 12 years. The 5 firms that make up the PLAN.01 collective today share the same workspace, an old studio on a small, verdant side street located in the heart of the 12th arrondissement in Paris, and they share a considerable amount of resources (human, material, and immaterial) and experiences.



PLAN.01 regularly gives photographers and other visual artists carte blanche for the duration of its worksites or at particularly significant moments in the life of a specific project to tell new stories and bring their own outside perspective to the process.

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Stealth: The Historial de Vendée History Museum

A vast green roof that, in summer and in winter, whether covered in plants or bare, blends into the meadow on which it rests.

The city within the city: housing units in Pontoise

A coherence for the whole while providing a diversity of architectural expressions; usually only time brings this to the construction of a city.

Data Picts

Data Picts is a truly collective database of the photographs taken and shared by Plan01’s ten partners. The goal is to show and create an accumulation of the office’s news.

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PLAN.01 participates in the current debate about architecture and its means of communication. As a founding member of the collective French Touch, it regularly organizes exhibits and events, and each year, it publishes the book "l’Optimiste d'Architecture" [The Architectural Optimist].

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In Vitro

A catalogue published as part of the exhibition of the same name at the Maison de l’Architecture en Ile-de-France devoted to the architecture of unbridled dreams.

Kama Sutra

A series of exhibitions organized at the Maison de l’Architecture en Ile-de-France that present a diversity of architectural perspectives on certain problems or contexts.


Exhibition designed for the France Pavilion at the 2008 Venice Biennale of Architecture and recreated at the Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine à Paris.

Flower Power


PLAN.02 is PLAN.01’s integrated ecodesign engineering office. This configuration creates a synergy between architects and engineers. Environmental considerations take on a global, collective approach and thereby become automatic.

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