PLAN.02 is PLAN.01’s integrated ecodesign engineering office. This configuration creates a synergy between architects and engineers. Environmental considerations take on a global, collective approach and thereby become automatic.

Established in 2008, PLAN.02 helps PLAN.01 to integrate environmental strategy in the design of its projects and to verify in real time the relevance and impact of its decisions. Ecodesign has become an automatic part of the collective’s process. It is sustained by the daily exchanges between architects and engineers who share the same spaces and by the accumulation of experiences. This synergy is also creating a fertile hybrid of architecture and ecodesign.

The initial goals were not to be intimidated by the dense jungle of regulations and environmental targets, to renew an approach to architecture by taking environmental parameters into account, and to preserve intellectual independence in projects.

PLAN.02 consolidates the shared consciousness of PLAN.01: sustainable development means a major shift in paradigms that generates changes in how we live, how we inhabit, and how we move, and it results in the creation of new urban categories.

PLAN.02 has set itself the goal of satisfying curiosity rather than in engendering frustration, of participating in the transition to an eco-centric world that respects diversity, individuals, and societies.