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PLAN.01 participates in the current debate about architecture and its means of communication. As a founding member of the collective French Touch, it regularly organizes exhibits and events, and each year, it publishes the book "l’Optimiste d'Architecture" [The Architectural Optimist].


In Vitro, catalogue of the exhibition at the Maison de l’Architecture in Paris, 2013
In Process
, French Touch publishing, 2012
Cérémonie, Ante Prima Publishing, 2010
Annuel Optimiste d’Architecture, French Touch publishing, 2010
Furtif, PanamaMusées publishing, 2008
Architectures pour une dernière demeure, Jean-Michel Place publishing, 2005
Petit Concours entre amis, Jean-Michel Place publishing, 2002


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FEED, Forum for Exchange and Excellence in Design, Pune (India), 2014
CSTB, Paris, 2012
La Minuscula festival, Valencia (Spain), 2011
Le Lieu Unique, Nantes (France), 2010
Pecha Kucha Night for Haïti, Paris (France), 2010
Sustainable Architecture, Innovations by French Contemporary Architects, Sultanat d’Oman, Masqat, 2009
7e Sao Paulo Architecture Biennale Sao Paulo, 2009
Sustainable Excellence, Big Architecture, Ljubljana (Slovania), 2009
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Bretagne, Rennes (France), 2009
The funerary architecture with the Rennes crematorium example, Marseille (France), 2009
Vendée Historical Museum, Milano Polytechnique School, 2007
Maison de l’Architecture de la Somme, Amiens (France), 2007
Maison de l’Architecture en Ile-de-France, 2006


In Vitro, Maison de l’Architecture in Ile-de-France, 2013
Out there architecture beyond building, Venise Architecture Biennale 2008
Maison de l’Architecture de la Somme, Amiens (France), 2007
Concours Privé, Maison de l’Architecture en Ile-de-France, 2006
Maison de l’Architecture des Pays de la Loire, 2005

french touch

PLAN.01 is a founding member of the collective French Touch, which brings together fifteen architecture firms who all have the same desire: to talk about architecture, nurture a dialogue and promote a certain optimism, generosity, and commitment in current French architectural production. The group has fashioned its own communication tools. It has since 2007 published the “Annual l’Optimiste d’Architecture” [The Architectural Optimist year book], a book which showcases the inventiveness, creativity, wealth, and diversity of contemporary French architecture. Exhibits are another means of communication. For example, French Touch designed and curated the Générocité exhibit for the France Pavilion at the 2008 Venice Biennale of Architecture.


PLAN.01 has been associated for a long time with the Maison de l’Architecture en Ile-de-France. Various of its partners have organized and designed exhibits, round table discussions, and various other kinds of events to spread an understanding of contemporary architecture not only among practitioners, but also the general public. The projects are optimistic and generous, low budget and low impact – truly temporary architectures.